The website 'Spitting on Hans' tosti' was liberated on the occasion of my blog about sexual harassment in the workplace. The blog gained popularity quickly because of the extreme events that had taken place, women recognized the events and emotions. Men and women were shocked, they gave me advice and supported me to speak out. These people inspired me to publish 'Spitting on Hans' tosti' and to continue with the battle against sexual harassment in the workplace. My first and main goal is to have this assault in the Dutch Penal Code, only then my book is a success.

Karin Bosman

The book

Spitting on Hans' tosti

'Mister his teary eyes didn't satisfy as much as the remained crust of the spitted tosti on his plate.' I delivered Mister a tosti every day, while he had captured my with his excessive behavior.

In a unique way Karin filleted the process in which powerful and eupeptic women change into seemingly powerless victims. A brave book in which many women will recognized themselves and potentially find inspiration to break the downward spiral.

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When you need a daily hot shower to rinse the shame off of yourself, it is extremely hard to learn to love yourself again.

Spitting on Hans' tosti is the story of my personal experience with sexual harassment in the workplace. Intimidation and sexual harassment unwittingly pull you into a world of sadness and loneliness. Coworkers look the other way because they are afraid of losing their jobs. A display of power, which causes the fear of seeking help to grow even bigger, forced me to find a way to survive in the Mister's theater. The uneasy fear I felt of sharing my experiences with the company's confidential counselor, as well as with my family, lay deep; who would believe me?

I am grateful to those coworkers who, despite all the pressure exerted by the Mister, provided their testimonies. A sense of disbelief comes over me after the trial, and disappointed in the persistent denial, I'm left behind, confused. Where to go from here? By sharing my raw emotions, my maze-like sentences, and my salty tears, I've discovered that I'm not alone. I was startled by the number of women with similar experiences who approached me in response to the blog. These responses have motivated me to translate my blog into a book. Victims often seek the cause from within and do not know where to find help. The undeserved humiliation of sexual harassment has changed me, but it did not break me.


Despite the rough start, 'Spitting on Hans' tosti' is picked up well in the media. Local and national media published articles and radio interviews. Spitting on Hans' tosti pushes boundaries and keeps approaching the media and the national government until the Dutch government changes the law so victims of sexual harassment are protected. Also the international media is needed to get recognition and respect for the victims and to make sure women stand-up!

Focus Magazine Aruba, March 2015


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